Monday, August 4, 2008

The one where I ask the kids questions...

Another day, another post. Oh, wait, it's still today, I'm just extremely long winded...I asked the kids questions so that I could post their answers. My friend Deb did this when she started her blog, and I thought it was a great idea. So here goes:
1.)What is your favorite color?
Kristina:"Dark Green"
Jeremy:"Red, blue, and pink"
Ethan:"Red and black."
Natalie:(Didn't answer, but it's probably pink, because she points to things and calls them "pink")
2.)What's your favorite book?
Kristina:"The A-Z mysteries, but say that it changes a lot."
Jeremy:"Don't have one."
Ethan:"Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew." (Ethan doesn't read, and even if he did, it wouldn't be chapter books about a girl who solves crime.)
Natalie:(Didn't answer, but it's the "That's not my..."series by Usborn books that my sister in law Vickie sells...they are fantastic, and if you are interested in ordering, tell me in a comment.)
3.)What's your favorite food?
Kristina:"raw baby spinach."(go, Kristi!)
Jeremy:"Don't have one."
Ethan:"Bananas, because I'm a monkey."
Natalie:(didn't answer, but it's whatever Daddy's eating.
4.)What's your favorite number?
Kristina:"Two, because it's swirly and fun to write."
Jeremy:"Don't have one."
Ethan:"Orange. Now ask me what my favorite number is."me:"What's your favorite number?" Ethan:"One!" Then he laughed. (That is hilarious to four year olds.)
5.)What is your favorite thing to do?
Kristina:"Jumping on the trampoline"
Jeremy:"Don't have one"
Ethan:"Recycling" (um, what?)
Natalie:(Didn't answer, but it's probably pointing to things and calling them "pink")
6.)What's your favorite place to go?
Kristina:"Um, I can't think of one, but it's probably swimming."
Jeremy:"Don't have one."
Natalie:(Didn't answer, but it's wherever we are going...she's a total extrovert.)


sara said...

This is a great scrapbook page; one to tuck away!!

Did you know that at you can make a book out of your blog? Something to think about with all this writing you've been doing!

Michelle said...

This is becoming a common spot for me to correct myself. I wrote Ethan's joke wrong. I asked him his favorite number and he said "Orange. Now ask me what my favorite color is." So I said "What's your favorite color?" And he said "one!" Then he laughed. The joke makes more sense that way. It's a four year old thing.

Vickie Musni said...

Thanks for the book plug!

smalls said...

Hahahahaha... I love it! SO "totally" your kids! And I liked the joke even how it was - Ethan's just hilarious like that.

Yay K, J, E & N!!!

vic-a-la said...

that was particularly entertaining! particularly when jeremy kept saying, "don't have one." :-)

Val said...

Such a great idea. I love everyone's comments and could totally see them saying what they did. I especially loved Jeremy's answers - "don't have one." That was the best!