Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sometimes I dream in lyrics

This morning, I turned on the car, and what should I hear, but "and I'll taste every moment and live it out loud..."
And I the first thing I thought, after thinking "What a terrible mixed metaphor" was "Whatever happened to David Cook?" How is it that week after week, America voted for the rocker, and once he won, he sang...what was hoping to be a Miss America Pageant song. I can only hope that when his album comes out, we will all find that he returned to his rocker roots.
There is hope for David yet, peeps, I am sure of it. All of the Idol contestants who have been successful are the ones who seemed to already have a sense of who they were and stayed true to that even after they won. The contestants who had a good voice, but not a defined sound, have tanked. A good example of this was Katherine Mcphee. She had a gorgeous voice! But what was her sound? Don't know. But Carrie Underwood? Always was a country girl. Daughtry? Not a winner, but totally successful because he stuck to what he did. Kelly? Well, she started out with her own Miss America Pageant song, remember? "A Moment Like This" or something? But fortunately for us, she decided to become Miss Independant and Break Away from all that, and just Walk Away, because Behind Those Hazel Eyes, she knew her true sound.
I'm sticking true to my true sound, too, peeps. That's why I couldn't just post what Derek wanted me to post the other night...I just wasn't feeling a "Derek took the kids to the Boardwalk and here are the pictures to prove it" post. That sounded like Derek's voice. It sounds better on his own blog, in his own words, anyway.
Now all y'all go and be who you are.*
*(sometimes my own voice sounds like the southern women I sometimes listen to.)

P.S. If David Cook wants to be a serious Rocker, he should totally lay off the flat iron. Totally.
P.P.S. The only guy who has a right to flat iron is Christian Syriano of Project Runway. Why? Because Christian is "fierce."


Anonymous said...

you are hilarious. i so enjoy reading your daily musings and hearing your voice through the text. i love it!
ps-how the heck do i get google/blogger to remind me what the heck my password is?

Verlana said...

I felt like David Cook's Mom! So proud of him, loving his humility, and just drawn to him as he sang. He was my favorite, and I'm not ashamed to say I voted like 15" straight for him after the final. :) He knew who he was, stayed true to what he felt, and embraced that crazy hair and those crazy outfits he was forced to wear for the inane short videos!
Ahh... I can't wait to hear his album.
And about you! You are fierce!

Michelle said...

Sorry, Vic, but I have no idea. Maybe you can just make up a new name and password? One that's easier to remember, like your facebook password, or something?