Friday, August 8, 2008

Since it was so much fun the first time...

While Natalie naps, the rest of us think deep thoughts.
These are their unedited answers to some completely profound questions.

1.)If you could visit any planet, what would it be?
Kristina: "Um, I would visit an imaginary planet that I made up, because I made it up. Everything is orange and green and it smells like apples and bananas. And the alien's name is Bob."
Jeremy: "I don't have one."
Ethan: "Um, outer space."

2.)What imaginary super power would you like to have?
Kristina:"Flying, but that's not a super power. I just want to fly." (Yes, actually that IS a superpower.)
Jeremy:"Um, superspeed."
Ethan:"Astronaut power."

3.)If you won a contest, what would you want to win it for?
Kristina:"Writing a story."
Jeremy:"Running the race."
Ethan: "Run the race and then I win so I get the trophy."

4.)If you could invent a food, what would it be?
Kristina:"I would invent a lanana. It's a cross between a lemon and a banana."
Jeremy:"Gooey soup." Me:"What's in it?" J:"It's stuff that alien's like."
Ethan:"Um, carrots."

5.)If you were a famous rock star, what would you sing about?
Kristina:"Lots of things."
Jeremy: (Didn't answer, just frowned at me.)
Ethan:"Um, 'Camp Rock' and that's all."

6.)What do you think all the kids in the world need?
Kristina:"A pull out bar that they can just pull out whenever they need energy, and do flips on. Also a pull out playground that can fold up and fit in your pocket."
Ethan:"I don't know."

7.) What's your favorite insect or bug?
Kristina:"A butterfly."
Jeremy:"My favorite insect is a spider."
Ethan: (Groan) "I don't have a bug."

8.)What's your favorite animal?
Kristina:"Penguins, rats, and dogs."
Jeremy:"My favorite animal is a dinosaur, and my favorite fish is a shark."
Ethan:"Penguins and peng birds." me:"What's a peng bird?" Jeremy:"Something he made up" Ethan:"No, they're birds that look like penguins."

Here are the deep thinkers right after I questioned them.
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Kristina said...

A peng bird and a carrot!I'm laughing out loud!

Kristina said...


sara said...

I LOVE peng birds. They are all over out here!!

MamaD said...

ooooh! A Lanana sounds SO good. I want one! Genius!

Val said...

Love these posts, keep 'em coming. It like hearing what Kristi, Jememy and Ethan have to say.
Kristina - I want a fold up playground that I can keep in my pocket too, how much fun would that be!

smalls said...

definitely my favorites... Ethan cracks me up. They all have such great answers! We'll have to find some peng birds to release at the party on Saturday... Forget doves and butterflies!!! Peng pirds are the new symbol of love, peace and happiness!!! ;o)