Thursday, August 7, 2008

The mad blogger can multitask

I took these right now, as I sat at the computer. Then I put them on the computer and edited...well, the top one, anyway...and now, bam, here they are, a whole 2 minutes later. Folks, this is what you, too, can do when your husband comes home and takes all four clean children to the dollar store after a long beach day while dinner cooks in the oven and the laundry chugs away in the garage. (That's where our washer and dryer live.)
Now all y'all take a self portrait of yourself at the computer and send it to me. Oh man, I sure owe Verlana something HUGE...
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Verlana said...

Hey! Nice use of your time alone! I love it, Mrs. Blogger Savvy!

sara said...

Yeah, no. I am thinking PEDICURE when I dream of my time alone...... :)