Thursday, August 28, 2008

Date Night

There weren't a lot of people out tonight. Maybe it's because it was the end of a short heat wave, and many people would rather stay indoors in those conditions, or in their cool, breezy, beachy coastal towns. Whatever the case, there was no one to bother with taking our picture. So, as usual, Surprise! I took it upon myself. I know you find that shocking.

The goal was to get a shot where you could see the cake, gelato, and coffee on the table, and Derek and me smiling above it. I didn't exactly get the shot I wanted, mainly because it was just me holding the camera up and telling Derek to smile. He was so good to put up with it. Here is a sample of what came out...
As you can see, it tended to be either us, or the dessert, but not both together. But I think that kind of cut off pictures can be really great looking, so I'm working with that. Now I'll show you the individual pictures and break them down thusly:
I think I said something like "get closer, Derek, scoot forward." but I he was too comfortable to shift. Clearly this angle was not quite right. It's kind of artsy, though. To me, anyway.
Too bad this one got cut off right at Derek's eye line. Oh well, I gave it a soft focus and like the effect.
Finally, a shot of our goodies! That cake, that gelato, that coffee...all I can say it "MMmmm, good!" It's the best. It truly is. and pay no attention to the fact that the plate is actually right in front of ME... moving on...

This is very similar to the previous shot, I just edited it a little bit differently. But that cake, that gelato, that bears repeating. If all y'all ever want to visit us, we will take you to this particular place to consume this particular deliciousness. You will not be sorry.

Finally, Derek's eyes. I actually held the camera up as high as I could for this shot. Up until this picture, Derek kept saying "Why do you want to cut me out of the shot?" Well golly, Derek, I distinctly remember asking you to "scoot closer!" or "move forward." And when you didn't take me seriously your face did not make it into the frame. My arms are only so long. But thank you for finally scooting over. It made for a better picture.

Well friends, in the end, this post is all about Derek and me. Just Derek and me, folks. And I like how we look in purple. We're totally BFF, and can't believe we've been married for almost 10 years. Yowza! And you know what? Best almost 10 years of my life, baby. Best 10 ever. And I love this guy even more than I love this cake, gelato, and coffee.

Peace, I'm out.


Val said...

I told Derek my comment would be ahhh, how cute! I was with him at work when he read this post and he said (and this is not an exact quote) "Michelle loves me." I immediatly said ahhh, how cute and that I was gonna post that as my comment lol! I also want to say that everything looks and sounds so yummy.

Verlana said...

I like those shots. :) I agree that I had no idea that marriage would just keep getting better as time passed. It does. Everything about it and us. We had our ten year in July, and it feels like life REALLY started with him and us. Anyway, I eat dessert almost EVERY day, and I would love to know where this place you went is! :)

Kristina said...

#1-Where did you eat at?

#2-What did you have for dinner?

#3-When is it my turn to go on date night?

Michelle said...

1.) I'll tell you later

2.)Pizza and salad

3.)When you get married

Victor Pepper, Sr., Sgt., B.C.A. said...
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