Friday, August 29, 2008

The blog stylings of the talented Mr. Ethan

Ethan had his first blogging and picture editing lesson just now. Since 2 kids are at school, and little sis' is napping, I thought, why not combine two of my passions? Why not introduce them to each other? "Blogging, here is Ethan. Ethan, here is blogging. Mingle."
It wasn't much of a lesson. I just took a few pictures of us at the computer and asked him to pick the one he wanted to post on the blog. Then I asked him how he wanted to edit it. The result is the picture above.
After Ethan was satisfied with the picture, I asked him what he wanted to say to the blog readers. He said "Um, just tell them that I love them." Then he skipped off.
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Vickie Musni said...

It is amazing to see how easily kids can grasp the technology that we wonder how we ever lived without!

Thanks for your prayers about subbing. Today was a good day too!

Val said...

Ethan we love you too!!! Now you know that Ethan can take over for you if you are ever in a pinch :) He's got your mad blogging skills.

Kristina said...

Ethan is a cute kid.You should try living with him.
I am laughing out loud!

smalls said...

Dude. We totally just bust out laughing on this one... ;o)

Was great to see y'all today!
x's and o's...
(sb & mb)

Victor Pepper, Sr., Sgt., B.C.A. said...
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Vanessa Christine said...
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