Saturday, August 16, 2008

Attention all gym magazine thiefs:

I know you are out there. I don't think it's a coincidence that the "Allure, "Vogue,"and "In Style" magazines are there one day, and then gone forever, but the same 147 volumes of "Forbes", "Fly Fishing,"and the Valentine or Halloween version of "Parents" magazines never leave the racks. I have been tempted like you. But the gym magazines are not mine to take, so I don't. A better course of action for you thieves to take is this: when you are done on your particular piece of cardio equipment, please return your fabulous magazine to the rack for others to enjoy. If everyone did this, then the fabulous mags would be there day after day, so I could even possibly finish that article I didn't get to the day before...and so could you...and we could rid the gym of boring snoozefest mags that no one ever reads.
(True confession time: While I strongly oppose gym magazine thievery, I have been known to swipe the perfume strips that come in the really good magazines. Yes, yes I have. There, I said it. (don't judge me...don't you judge me...)

And on an entirely different note...

We are headed out to Matt and Sara's party today...They were wed on 6-7-08, in a very small wedding, (50 people) and so today they are having a party for everybody who went to the wedding, plus everyone else. Stay tuned, for pictures are sure to come...Just keep your fingers crossed...

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sara said...

I want to use some savvy acronym like ROTFLMBO (tried not to swear, if you can't figure it out - email me!!!)

HILARIOUS and OH SO true!! Same goes for the doctor's office; I went yesterday to the OPTOMETRIST with my boys & picked up Golf Digest. Yeah...spare me!! Where's PEOPLE and COSMO? I don't send the $$ on these, so I want to READ them when I am out!